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 Michal Negrin, an Israeli designer, has been creating a unique lifestyle for over two decades with vintage-inspired designs that include jewelry, fashion, home décor, and accessories. 

Born in Kibbutz Naan in 1957, Michal always knew she was an individual with her own vision and this was despite being brought up in an environment that preached group uniformity. She spent her childhood designing, with her mother being an inspiration and supporting force on the road to Michal`s dreams, despite the Kibbutz's conventions.

She launched her first collection in 1988 at Tel Aviv’s famed open-air marketplace, a breeding ground for emerging design talents. Her jewelry collection was such a success that Michal and her husband decided to open a concept store in the fashionable shopping district of Sheinkin Street, in Tel Aviv.

Designed to convey a familial and romantic atmosphere, this cozy store became the inspiration of the international model for the brand’s subsequent locations. Soon entrepreneurs from around the world became interested in the Michal Negrin brand and started opening concept stores worldwide: Japan, USA, Israel, South Africa, Mexico, Australia and many more.

The unique flair of Michal Negrin has expanded into other domains and is today considered to be a lifestyle.

"Every day I try to re-interpret what is exciting to me and this helps me to fulfill my dreams. I believe that curiosity, enthusiasm, and faith are daily reminders that anything is possible and that we must keep the child in us alive. It directs us towards creative reinvention and helps us to achieve self-fulfillment." Michal Negrin

Jewelry takes people's minds off your wrinkles.” Sonja Henie

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