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There is a great story behind every great thing. The same goes for the world-wide recognized leading brand of premium candles – Yankee Candles.

The first Yankee Candle was made just before Christmas of 1969, by 17 year old Michael Kittredge, who wanted to find a nice Christmas present for his mother, but couldn`t afford to buy one.

Therefore he melted the crayons he had used as a small boy, crushed and melted wax from an old candle, mixed it all together and poured the liquid mixture into an empty milk carton. A neighbor was amazed by the beautiful light he made and offered Michael to buy it from him – and thus the first Yankee Candle was sold.

Today Yankee Candles are produced in over 150 different scents and are known to have the most realistic scents that are on the market. Scented candles come in glass jars of different sizes, but they all hold the promise of a perfect evening, night or that special holiday.

Some of our most popular scents are Lavender Vanilla, Mayer Lemon, Sweet Strawberry, Vanilla Cupcake, Balsam&Cedar and Vanilla Lime. When it comes to upcoming Fall and Winter we would recommend Home Sweet Home, Macintosh Spice and Mountain Lodge.

“Be a candle that the wind won`t blow out, to light the path for a friend.”Tom Baker

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