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Do you want to decorate your kitchen, dining room or living room in a unique, exquisite fashion, but still with a touch of warmth and playfulness? Sticks is the answer! 

Sarah Grant started her company in 1992 and named it Sticks, Inc. Firstly the company designed and produced small items such as ornaments and candlesticks. Ever growing demand and new requests for different, bigger Sticks products, resulted in expansion of their product line to furniture, dining sets, beds and armoires – made mostly of wood, but embellished with 3-D wooden, metal, leather of fabric components. Every Sticks product is handcrafted within Stick`s award winning studio in Des Moines, Iowa. After items are crafted they are further designed with hand drawn imagery, etched contouring and vibrantly blended paint and embellished with 3-D details.

Sticks has been one of our favorite brands for years now. The attractiveness, uniqueness and warmth Sticks items represent, coupled with uniqueness and playfulness which undoubtedly radiate from them, are the same attributes and values our store holds dear. You will find a number of Stick items all over our store - platters, boxes, calendars, trays and clocks are just some of them.

Home is where your story begins.”Unknown

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Free gift wrapping and free local delivery available!