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The Holiday Party Basket


We have concocted the perfect ingredients to warm your heart and your tummy! The “Holiday Party” basket includes chips, salsa, popcorn, nuts, candy, cookies,…Wow! Lots of holiday treats for everyone to enjoy.


The basket is filled with blessings for a joyous holiday season and a spirited New Year! Enjoy!


Small Party: $49.98

Medium Party: $89.98

Large Party: $149.98




Santa`s Snack Sack Basket


This Santa Special is sure to bring you comfort and joy! Seabel`s famous snacks are all wrapped up in a gold Christmas basket and a holiday bow! Cookies, candies and many more famous treats are piled high…Wow! What a great family gift!


Regular: $39.98

Super Snack Sack: $89.98



A Colorado Christmas Basket


This wonderful Christmas basket is absolutely brimming with gourmet delights. Chocolates, pretzels, popcorn, chips and salsa are just some of the Christmas snacks that will be welcomed with big smiles!

From our home to yours…enjoy this special gift. Merry Christmas!


Regular: $59.98

Deluxe: $89.98

Santas` Super Size: $129.98