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Pueblo…You are Hot! Hot! Hot! The Pueblo Chile Basket…


This red-hot "Pueblo" gift is guaranteed to be a hit! You can share the joys of Pueblo, Colorado with family and friends by sending them this basket chock-full of “Pueblo” goodies. We have included crunchy tortilla chips and “Pueblo” fire roasted Salsa along with a melt-in-your mouth Pueblo chocolate bar …This Pueblo original is sure to please one and all… It`s one “HOT” basket!!!


Hot: $49.98

Super Hot: $69.98

Extra Hot: $89.98




A “Taste of Pueblo” Basket


For a special taste of the southwest…this Pueblo Snack basket is a welcome gift for family, friends and business associates near and far. We have filled the basket with Pueblo`s finest treats…chips, salsa, candy,… You can proudly share the joys of Pueblo by sending our “Taste of Pueblo” gift. It is definitely a colorful gift…from colorful Pueblo, Colorado. 

Regular: $39.98

Deluxe: $69.98



Tea`s the Season Basket


Escape into the world of Victorian splendor and country charm with this wonderful collection of tea. We have filled an adorable basket with gourmet tea, cookies and other tasty treats….this lovely gift will make any occasion extra special!


Regular: $49.98


P.S. You can add unique tea pot and make the gift even more special.


Deluxe: $74.98 



Let`s Do Coffee Basket


Seabel`s is famous for its high quality, rich and flavorful gourmet coffees. This gift is every coffee lovers dream come true. We will include our best selling coffee, delicious dipping cookies and other special treats…This gourmet coffee break is “brewing” just for you!


Grande: $49.98

Venti: $69.98

Trenta: $89.98 



Seabel`s Snack Spectacular Basket


An original, genuine, a number-one, first class, top-shelf gift. In other words – they will be knocked out! Seabel`s Snack Spectacular includes tons of gourmet snacks and treats – cookies, candies, chips, salsa, popcorn, nuts…you name it…we will include it! This is definitely a super, spectacular gift for holidays, weddings, birthdays, housewarmings, thank-yous and anniversaries. This gift will make that “special” occasion extra memorable!


Regular: $129.98


A Taste of Tuscany Basket


This best selling basket features a collection of fine high end foods to celebrate any special occasion. Recipients will enjoy a prestigious selection of gourmet Tuscan inspired treats…cheese, crackers, cookies, nuts and more. This gift makes a lasting statement of distinction and generosity. A Taste of Tuscany makes a great “Thinking of You” gift!


Regular: $79.98

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